The Weaponization of Travel

Bans, Boycotts and Restrictions - The travel and meetings industry being used as a political weapon

Travel and meetings are superior vehicles for broadening perspectives, inclusion and understanding among diverse groups of people, yet more and more the travel and meetings industry is being used as a political weapon.  While it is not clear if boycotts are effective, it is abundantly clear the meetings industry is greatly damaged by the cancellation of travel and meetings to the destinations embroiled in controversy.

Be among the first to hear the results of the new research study on the topic conducted by APCO Insight and sponsored by the PCMA Education Foundation and the Destinations International Foundation.  Additionally, learn from the real life experience of a destination expert who partnered with planners for the success of their meetings in the face of a political dispute.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent research insights on the U.S. public’s perceptions
  • Environmental factors and trigger points
  • How an organization and their destination experts can work together to provide communication, support and alternatives

The Weaponization of Travel - Bans, Boycotts and Restrictions