CVBs: Curators of Community Knowledge Networks

How CVBs can connect you with thought leadership and high-level content to enrich your meeting’s programming

CVBs don’t just help you find hotels, an offsite venue, coordinate a site inspection or provide a list of restaurants and activities for your meeting. Their reach goes much deeper! Take advantage of the superior knowledge network available to dramatically enhance your meeting content and attendee experiences by tapping into the talent and resources of local leaders in a wide range of industry sectors.

You can leverage the local business, academic, governmental, and entrepreneurial community to find engaging speakers, rich content support, or off site educational tours. It’s possible through your destination expert to learn about new developments in business strategy, product development and the customer engagement approaches of the top local companies to complement your own meeting. Using the local assets can also enhance your delegate, sponsor and exhibitor bases.

However, finding out who is like minded in the city or who may have assets that line up with your meeting’s goals and objectives isn’t a quick internet search; it requires in-depth conversation and analysis with someone who intimately understands the city’s offerings. In our webinar, learn from two formidable destination professionals who will give examples from their own innovative practices and teach you how to:

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare for the conversation with your host city to best support your meeting design concept
  • Reach into the local knowledge and intellectual capital community of any destination
  • Use your CVB as the conduit to differentiate your meeting, through their expertise and connections

CVB's Curators of Community Knowledge Networks