Showing Meeting Planners The Value Of Their Meeting

Q&A with Kimberly Winchester, Manager, Global Accounts at HelmsBriscoe 

Once you talk with a destination expert at Visit Rogers you’ll understand just how dedicated they are to bringing top-notch events to their city. From offering incentive funding to following through on the smallest of details, meeting planners of all size meetings will always feel like a big fish in Rogers, Arkansas. Hear from Kimberly Winchester, Manager, Global Accounts from HelmsBriscoe about her experience helping to plan a meeting in Rogers and the first-class service she received from the Visit Rogers team.

Tell us, what does your job entail?

Kimberly: I assist clients with procuring meeting space and hotel rooms to fit their needs. The free service I provide to my clients helps them save time and money because I manage the task of researching, contacting and evaluating venues for each of their events.

What is one of your significant job challenges that working with the Visit Rogers team helped you solve?

Kimberly: One of my significant job challenges is showing clients savings and lowering costs. Visit Rogers has helped me tackle this challenge with explaining the process of the A&P Commission and applying for inventive funding. When clients hear about the potential savings, they look at Rogers over other cities.

What are some of the distinctive destination offerings of Rogers that helped to make your meeting great? 

Kimberly: One of the main attributes Rogers offers is incentive funding. This potential funding clients can apply for makes their team feel very appreciated to have a city backing their group. The trail system is another attribute that my clients like when booking Rogers as well as the Pinnacle area.

How would you describe the relationship you have with the CVB? What would you compare it to?

Kimberly: The personalization that the Rogers CVB provides is one of the key attributes as to why they are so successful. I have worked with other CVBs around the country and their prompt response, which is greatly appreciated in the hospitality industry, along with their care and attention to each of the groups is amazing.

What did your attendees say about your overall experience in Rogers? 

Kimberly: Attendees for Rogers, AR events have said that they have enjoyed their time in Rogers. There are many local restaurants they can visit, as well as the Razorback Greenway. They enjoy the proximity to Crystal Bridges and the small town feel that has everything you could ever need from dining to shopping.

What do you see as innovative or trending in the future of the meeting’s industry? 

Kimberly: I have seen that getting to “experience” the destination is trending in the meeting’s industry. Meeting planners are looking at everything the city has to offer, so attendees can truly experience the city as well as have an impactful conference. Technology is always changing and has influenced the way meetings are conducted such as electronic polling and the need for charging stations. At Walmart Shareholders, they announced how they were training their associates with virtual reality.

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