Helping You Every Step of the Way

Q&A with Rose Pallotta-Cleland, Professional Events and Member Service Coordinator at the PA Nutrition Education Network 

Meeting planning can be daunting and often times overwhelming. It’s nice to know that planners have a helping hand in the destination experts at the loal convention and visitors bureau (CVB). Hear Rose Pallotta-Cleland, Professional Events and Member Service Coordinator with the PA Nutrition Education Network talk about her experience working with the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board and how the attendees found Valley Forge to be a great meeting destination.

Tell us, what does your job entail?

Rose: As a meeting planner for a nonprofit organization I wear many hats. I negotiate and manage all aspects of the event planning process for PA NEN’s Statewide Annual Conference, including collaboration with subcontractors, venue selection, menu development, printing and design of materials and budget tracking. I also conduct research, make site visits, and find resources to help the Professional Development Committee make decisions about event possibilities.

Tell us your favorite meeting planner hack?

Rose: I am not sure it is a hack, but it keeps me focused and on task. I keep a paper copy of the conference planning timeline on my desk, as well as place reminders on my calendar so that things do not get lost in the shuffle. This helps keep us focused on the goals, as well as adds more specificity to what we need to accomplish in any given month..

What is one of your significant job challenges that working with the Valley Forge team helped you solve?

Rose: The Valley Forge team has been such a pleasure to work with! They were very responsive when I submitted my RFP to them. They were very strategic about which hotels they submitted my RFP, which save me time as I did not have to read through proposals that would not be a fit for our organization.

What are some of the distinctive destination offerings of Valley Forge that helped to make your meeting great? 


  • The ease to get there.
  • So many amazing attractions in the way of history, shopping and dinning.
  • The CVB has a high concentration of members in the Southeastern part of the state, which makes Valley Forge a great location for us.
  • Proximity to the Philadelphia airport. Many of our speakers fly in, and having a major airport only 30 minutes is such a bonus.

How would you describe the relationship you have with the CVB? What would you compare it to?

Rose: A CVB is like having a very knowledgeable meeting planning assistant that is helping you every with step of the meeting selection process.

What did your attendees say about your overall experience in Valley Forge? 

Rose: We have hosted two events in the Valley Forge area in the past five years and our attendees really enjoyed the location because of all of the great attractions that they could enjoy before and after the conference.

What do you see as innovative or trending in the future of the meeting’s industry? 

Rose: One trend that I can see growing over the next few years are meeting planners trying to reduce the carbon foot print of their meetings by using mobile apps to reduce paper, having water stations as opposed to plastic water bottles, as well as having less food waster. 

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