Cabarrus County Racing Green Flag

Cabarrus County CVB’s business site helps the bureau get the green flag from local stakeholders to keep tourism growing. website

The landing page clearly illustrates travel and tourism’s impact to the county. website webpage on the economic impact of travel and tourism to the county shows constant growth.

Cabarrus County, North Carolina: Making Digital Impact on a Dime

While building a strong online presence for visitors is a goal shared by all destinations, Cabarrus County CVB in North Carolina also believes in making a strong digital impression on its local stakeholders.

The business site not only educates visitors on the bureau’s activities, but also key statistics about the impact of travel and tourism to the region — all through a clean, streamlined design. The bureau manages the website in house on a minimal budget, which allows for flexibility and control.

Representing All Partners

As a non-membership destination organization, the Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau is committed to being a resource for all hospitality and tourism partners in Cabarrus County. As such, it was always critical that all stakeholders, from the local residents to business owners to elected officials, understood how the bureau was contributing to and postively impacting the area.

The bureau realized that in order to raise support their goals and encourage others to be champions of tourism, the bureau first must educate and keep its stakeholders informed.

Creating an Advocacy Platform

Communicating to multiple audiences on a variety of topics required a flexible, appealing, and far-reaching platform. A website solely dedicated to keep the organization’s involvement and impact in its destination top of mind surfaced as the most effective to state the bureau’s mission and lay out the tactics used to achieve its stated goals.

“We want the community to recognize the value that the CVB brings to the area and understand how we’re working to better the quality of life for all stakeholders.”

Donna Carpenter, President & CEO of the Cabarrus County CVB.

Unlike where the primary purpose is to provide information to visitors, is loaded with statistics, mission and vision, key dates, engaging videos, a social media lounge, and essential information like organization job job openings and the bureau’s press room.

Moreover, while the bureau continues to push information through multiple marketing channels, the business website serves to streamline and consolidate communications.

Design on a Budget was developed in house by the bureau’s Web Marketing Manager, and supplied with content created by the entire staff and crafted by the Communications Manager.

Its clean, responsive design achieved the initial goal to streamline communications and focus visitor attention on the information presented. Other design elements like social functions and navigation to other pages within the site were purposefully placed to encourage longer page views and make it easy to share information.

“The site has absolutely been worth the low-cost investment,” adds Carpenter. “In-house production and maintenance also helps maintain control, allowing updates and additions to be made as often and as quickly as needed.”

Closing the Loop on Communications

With its well-designed and well-stocked business site, the Cabarrus County CVB has earned its relevance and represents the organization not just to the visitor, but one that defines its activities in terms of real benefits for the local community. As the bureau shares the county’s tourism story, the website provides consistency to how it communicates with both audiences in the future.